Jake Tapper burns Trump advocate calling Hillary a ‘failure’: ‘Well that failure is beating your boss’


Trump adviser Boris Epshteyn set himself up for getting smacked down on Tuesday after invoking a campaign talking point that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s whole life has been a failure.

Appearing with CNN host Jake Tapper, the senior advisor to the campaign of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump saw argument after argument in support of Trump get swatted away by the host before he attempted to make a final point about the former Secretary of State.

Discussing an ad showing Trump praising Clinton for being a fighter at Sunday night’s debate, Epshteyn flipped the script with a rambling list of Trump campaign talking points.

“The ad talks about how she has failed at everything she’s done,” Epshteyn began. “She failed the DC bar, she was a failure as secretary of state. That horrible deal with Iran that’s allowed Iran to keep enriching uranium, given Iran over a billion dollars. Look at Syria, Libya, the failed reset with Russia.”

“Hillary Clinton has failed at everything,” he said again trying to drive the point home. “And that’s not even talking about the e-mails, the fact that she exposed our country’s innermost and very classified information, very serious information that’s been exposed due to the home-brewed server, the pay-to-play with the Clinton Foundation. All the scandals on top of all the failures, she is completely disqualified from being president.”

“Alright, well that failure is beating your boss in almost all the battleground state right now,” Tapper bluntly replied.

Watch the video below via CNN:



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