The odd thing about Bernie fans flocking to Gary Johnson

For a year a vocal group of Bernie fans was claiming they can’t vote for Hillary Clinton because she supported 1. fracking 2. TPP 3. private prison 4. not really in favor of in the fight for 15$ minimum wage and 5. she’s really Republican lite.  Months after the primary and the convention dead-ender Bernie fans have decided to support one of two candidates, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, actually more Johnson than Stein.

Jill Stein whole campaign is whatever Bernie said I believe it too and unlike Johnson Stein is on social media pandering to still angry Bernie supporters and far left types. But yet she still polls around 1 or 2% while Johnson who shares none of Bernie’s stated positions is polling higher.

Think about the first section of this post they accused Clinton of being in favor of fracking, TPP, being in the pockets of the private prison industry, not in favor of raising the minimum wage and in the pockets of corporate America. Yet they’re charging towards a guy with arms wide open who’s totally down with TPP, fracking, believes there shouldn’t be any kind of minimum wage, thinks citizens united is awesome, cool with private prisons and don’t get it twisted Johnson also favors gutting regulatory agencies . So the things they hanged around Clinton’s neck as non-starters for their support they’re cool or actively ignored these details with Johnson.

The question should be asked why the Bernie rip candidate is only polling around 1% vs the candidate who’s the complete opposite of Bernie is getting between 9 or 10% of the vote?


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