2016NEWS Previous Next Penn Jillette: The way Trump talked about African-Americans on Celebrity Apprentice was ‘distasteful’


Appearing on CNN, former Celebrity Apprentice cast member Penn Jillette admitted that he saw quite a few things behind the scenes on Donald Trump’s reality show that he found “distasteful” — including his treatment of African Americans.

According to the entertainer turned free speech advocate, he wasn’t overly surprised by the comments on the Access Hollywood video after having appeared on Celebrity Apprentice in 2012.

Asked about what he saw by host Don Lemon, Jillette said his memory was fuzzzy, but that he remembered Trump’s demeanor when he entered the fake boardroom on the set.

“For sometimes 2 1/2 hours at the end of these sessions, he would pontificate and carry on and they would be pulling out two or three minutes for use in the show, but he would go on for a very long time,” he recalled.

“This is not as private as it was with Billy [Bush]. It was with knowledge that there were cameras there,” he continued. “It kind of cuts two ways, one is, he knows it’s being recorded. The other is, he’s performing. It’s show business. I found some of the way he used his power in sexual discussions to be a little bit distasteful to me. I found some of the racial things he said to be distasteful to me. But then I’m a middle-aged white guy.”

“What d0 you mean by the racial things, what do you mean by that?” Lemon coldly asked.

“Just the way he would address African American candidates and so on, was not the way I would,” Jillette replied. “I’m not the one to speak,  I’m a middle-aged white guy and I’m not the one to kind of have that, but I tend to be a little sensitive to that.”

Watch the video below via CNN:



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