Don’t get happy, vote

I’m going to steal a line from the Bob and Chez show, don’t get happy. Sure Hillary Clinton won the last debate in epic fashion and sure she’s stomping the Orange Führer in every poll from the national polls to the battleground polls. But this one huge fact remains on November 8th you still have to vote and please don’t think it’s over or if you got friends or family who was bound and determined to vote but with all the positive news they don’t feel as motivated to vote as they were let’s say a month ago then you gotta bring their asses back to reality.

There’s about roughly 35 to 40% of this country that would crawl on their hands and knees through broken glass, sandpaper, used medical needles and a pit of vipers to vote for Trump. They don’t care he lied to them, they don’t care if the plans he says he wants to do will blow up the federal debt and they don’t give a flying fuck he’s going be reckless with foreign policy all they care about is putting a racist bully in charge and that racist bully is going to piss on the people they hate.

That’s all these voters care about is striking at their perceived enemies while the country is focusing on their needs and their needs only, they believe America is becoming more accepting of those who are not straight or Christian and they really fucking hate the fact America is starting to get more black and brown. And that’s the sin they saw in the last eight years America is moving away from them, in reality, the black guy they hated was trying to do more for them than the white guys they voted in to stop him.

So yeah be happy Clinton has hit a good patch of good news and be happy that her chances of becoming president are over 80% but remember this low turnout could wipe all that shit off the board. We’re dealing with a mad man and a base of angry,paranoid white folks who are bound and determined to take us back 5 decades.


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