Dear far left, 2016 is bigger than you.

It’s editorial time and best believe I’m going off on some people.

I’m not going to waste time or energy talking to Trump supporters because no matter what facts you show these glue eating fucks, they shake it off and call it liberal propaganda and dive deeper in their right-wing bullshit. But who I will talk to are these so-called real liberals(TM) who planning to vote for fringe candidates because to them allowing a dangerous man becomes president is the only way to teach us non-believers of the great and powerful Bern a lesson and maybe next time we’ll vote the way they want because that how democracy works for the guardians of progressivism. Vote how we want or we allow  a man who could be a threat to democracy wins.

I’m sure if Bernie was the nominee the guardians of progressive values like H.A. Goodman, Zaid Jilani, and Mike Figueredo wouldn’t go on an emoprog Jihad against people who are not exactly thrilled with voting for him. I remember getting shit from Bernie bros on Twitter for thinking out loud I wasn’t sure if I could support Bernie if he was the nominee. But here’s the difference between me and the purity gang I could put personal feelings aside and do what’s good for the country. And that’s making sure an unhinged clown doesn’t become president. Because when people say elections have consequences they’re not just saying it for shits and giggles, if Trump wins a lot of people’ rights might be up on the chopping block and not only rights but people who finally got healthcare might be at risk. And if you listen to foreign policy experts our national security might be at risk. But hey true liberals (TM) don’t care because damn it there’s a lesson we got to learn.

And considering a Trump victory would embolden his base of radical, racist domestic terrorists who have shown they’re no fans of the actual constitution or value the true ideals of freedom. And think about what they have done within the last 12 hours one killed two cops in Iowa and someone burned down a black church in Mississippi and spray paint “Vote Trump” on the side but hey true liberals(TM) that don’t matter you got a lesson to teach us.

I know their thinking is  and they really believe “well we survived the Bush years, Trump will be bad but voters will toss him out in four years”. The biggest thing they forgot Bush was bad in first four years but thanks to a fear and two wars he managed to secure another four years. So how can they be so sure that if Trump wins people will throw him out after four years? And why would you want to risk four years? My rights and healthcare trumps(no pun attended) are more important than your hurt feelings and your entitlement. Only well off people can sit in their offices or high price apartments writing their dribble about if he wins a Trump presidency wouldn’t be that bad, it’s hillbots trying to scare you nonsense. The fact is this thing can get worst fast and in a hurry if this clown gets into power. And there’s no guarantee after four nightmare years voters will turn on him and vote him out.

So my question to the folks like Susan Sarandon what are you prepared to do if the worst comes to worst and we see the 21st century getting repelled? Come on tell me, what will you do? A Credo mobile, a Bold progressive and petition doesn’t mean shit. If you’re one of these Jill not Hillary people what are going to do for people that might lose their healthcare? What are you going to do when some shit hole dictator baits him and he get us in a conflict that mirrors Iraq or worst Vietnam? What are you prepare to do? Don’t say well we can have another 2006 wave election in 2018 because thanks to you in 2010, Republicans have carved out safe enough districts where the only way they lose is if some alien beings invaded earth and only sucked up the dumb rural Republicans.

Elections aren’t games where you can hit the restart from the last checkpoint option if this man becomes president we’re allowing an unstable man and his puppet masters to rule over us and that will be on you not the people who voted for Hillary Clinton.


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