Don’t let Bernie supporters re-write history


Get use to this term gaslighted or gaslit, gaslighting.

to cause (a person) to doubt his or her sanity through the use of psychological manipulation Got it? Good.

It’s been a month since the election neo-nazis are still celebrating their Führer victory, Clinton supporters emotions range from sadness to rage and Bernie fanboys and girls are engaging in gaslighting. Because deep down they know they aided in the Orange Führer victory instead of admitting their role they opted to re-write the last two years of the campaign and pretend there were other factors.

When Bernie Sanders announced he was running in the Democratic primary I knew the far left would do what they do best burn bridges and blame everyone else why voters turned on the Democratic nominee. I sound like a broken record when I discuss being part of so-called liberal or Democratic Facebook groups where Bernie Sanders fans and pro-Bernie admins were posting attacks on Hillary Clinton from right-wing sites or posting anti-Clinton memes from right-wing Facebook groups. Then after awhile they created their own line of dishonest memes and citing anti-Clinton stories from dishonest writers like H.A. Goodman, Glenn Greenwald, Lee Fang and David Sirota.

And when you stand up to Bernie fanboys and girls with facts that support Clinton or just highlighting Bernie’s not so progressive stances they just ban you. Bernie fans made the primary toxic by attacking Clinton’s character with non-scandals like her paid speeches because you know when you’re an accomplished person like her you do that shit for free. Or they try to alienate Clinton with black voters by bringing up the 1994 crime bill which she had no vote on but if you bring up the fact Bernie voted for that bill they wanted to sink Clinton with you’ll hear 900 excuses why he voted for it. They attacked civil rights icons from John Lewis and Dolores Huerta. And when Clinton really put the dirt on the Sanders campaign by beating him in the south and parts of the midwest thanks to black voters Bernie fans attacked us by calling us low information voters.

And when the convention rolled around Bernie fans wanted the Democratic party to overthrow the will of 4 million voters to install Bernie as the nominee and used the fake emails from Wikileaks as justification. Bernie fans were still pouting despite the fact the winner in the Democratic primary went out her way to accommodate the loser and his supporters by adopting most of the ideas he ran on and giving him a primetime spot. That still wasn’t good enough for them so they made sure when there were plenty of cable news cameras on them and they started their own lock her up chants and giving nonsensical interviews with reporters who were more than eager to push Democrats in crisis storyline.

And to the general election if you’re active on social media you still saw Bernie fans operating like it was still the primary and I had a Bernie brat bragging about writing in Bernie. While it wasn’t the majority of Bernie supporters acting like spoiled kids who were pissed they got a Playstation 4 slim instead of the Playstation 4 pro at Christmas but if you look at the numbers in the important swing states Clinton lost those Stein votes tip the states in Trump’s favor. You can write all the think piece you want trying to deflect blame on millennials and Bernie supporters all you like the fact remains this Bernie fans made the environment toxic as fuck for Hillary Clinton. And that shit didn’t help her when was dealing with a dishonest Republican challenger, a beltway media that pretends emails were more important than reporting on a guy who admitted to sexual misconduct, was getting sued for defrauding students of Trump U and a woman who dropped her rape lawsuit against him because she was getting death threats from Trump supporters because they found out who she was.

If you want to lie to yourself Bernie bros I ain’t going to stop you but what I refuse to do is allow you to re-write your role in this mess. Because what you’re going to see from the far left/Bernie bro faction for the next 3 years is they’re going to shift the blame off them and by blaming  everything and everyone.



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